In the fall of '71, a rare and brave warrior was born. He grew up in the greedy gutters, awful alleys and The Backstreets of LA (Lost Angels), CA.

Dope dealers, crack heads and gangsters reigned supreme in his hood. So obviously, he was destined to be one of them, right? HELL NO! You see, he refused to fall victim to his surroundings. There were no positive influences in his life. This strugglin' soul learned what not to do from the streets, the concrete jungle, the place he called, home.

In the face of adversity, he held strong to his dream of 1 day being a positive force. He was determined to one day stand up and be heard with all eyes on him.

Now that dream's a reality.

His motto...Love4OneAnother.

His name...DL
But the world will remember him by another

In The Name Of Poetry, AMEN!